Levi’s New Logo

September 25, 2014 Logo 0 Comments

levi-stadium-logoIf you live in Silicon Valley, most likely you’ve seen the new Levi’s logo through out the new San Francisco 49ers stadium located in Santa Clara, CA. The brand is clearly marketed through out the area. If you’re like me, the first thing you’ll notice is the Levi batwing logo. However it’s not the logo it self that catches your eye, it’s the cutoff register mark located on the upper right corner that really draws your attention. At first I thought to myself “man who’s the bonehead that messed up on that?” But then you tell yourself, no way these guys can make something this big and screw up that bad. This must be done on purpose but why?!?

I dug a little deeper to see what the reason was for such a weird but unique levis-tagdesign. Levi’s wanted to incorporate elements that had a direct connection to their brand, hence the cropped register sign. The main focus was their “batwing” design from the back pocket. Throw in the Levi’s tag that has the registration mark slightly cropped and you have yourself their new logo. The cropped registration mark was originally cut off because simply, they didn’t have enough room for it.

Levi’s approach definitely says they’re not afraid to be unique and bold with their brand. From a designing perspective, it’s completely different from what you would see in a typical logo. You can’t help but feel like something is missing or awkwardly misplaced. However the thought of you thinking about this or why it’s bothering you is probably why Levi’s went with this. There is no right or wrong way to do anything when it comes to design. As long as their’s a reason behind it, I believe that’s all that matters.

More info? Watch this video.
Levi’s New Logo Explained